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Contador de Calorias Fácil 2.0
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Um contador de calorias rápido e fácil! Use as informações do banco de dados de calorias nutrição USDA, pesquisar nossos nuvem submissões de usuários baseados, ou preencher o banco de dados com suas próprias entradas.

-Procure a comida USDA e nutrição banco de dados
-Procure o seu banco de dados próprio alimento personalizado ...


O que há de novo

Integrado pesquisa na web
Navegador integrado
Pesquisa baseada em nuvem de usuário enviou alimentos
Melhorado adicionando novos alimentos ...

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 Calorie Counter
By 10kerwinj - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 9:59:57 AM

There is a variety of foods in the data base and I like that it has google attached in order to find the exact amount of calories. The screen, where the Foods, Servings and Calories show, is shifted so it is hard to see what is written. Besides that it seems to be working fairly well.

 A must have!
By EVDad - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 10:00:30 AM

Very nice app. I used this for about a month to track my calories and lost 5 lbs. This past week I dropped my Mac and shattered the screen. While I was without my Mac I stopped counting calories but tried to eat the same amount of food as before. I failed: I gained back almost 1 lb this week! So this morning I reinstalled this app on the new Mac and will be sticking to it this time. Also, I had a lot of custom food entered and managed to transfer it all to the new Mac by copying the User.dat file in User:Library:Application Support:Calorific. Hopefully we can get an iCloud update so that I it will always transfer with the app?

 Its ok
By cajandog - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 10:01:03 AM

So far its not bad. I have to kinda estimate or guess at some items...but I think its pretty accurate.

 So glad to have this app!
By Leeahyee - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 10:01:28 AM

After using for two weeks now I can say this is my favorite calorie counter, super easy to use! Most of the foods I've added have been in the database and it's really easy to add the ones that aren't. This is a great app!

By Tallulahbird - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 10:02:07 AM

Does exactly what it states, easy to record entries and watch your daily caloric intake. Best of all, no hidden fees like some other calorie counters!

 Great App
By Grumpy Old Surfer - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 10:04:01 AM

This is a really good app, simply type in the food your researching and up comes the information. If the food is not in the data base, type in the produce and up it come in Google search, for example I live in Australia and as you know all Aussies love Vegemite, the dat base didn't have it but google did and I was able to get the calorie count. Definitely worth the money. I'm following a restricted Calorie diet and now it easy to create a menu for it.

By D. Daniels - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 10:04:50 AM

De Easy Calorie Counter is een handig middeltje om je dagelijkse caloriën te tellen. Ofwel geef je het volledig manueel in (en kies je voor Nederlands), ofwel vertrouw je op de waardes die ingegeven zijn op het programma. Hoe dan ook, je gekozen optie zal voortaan opgeslagen zijn en sneller te kiezen worden. Als je een voedingsmiddel hebt ingegeven dat niet in de basis staat én wat je zelf niet onmiddellijk weet, wordt automatisch gezocht via Google. Het is simpel, duidelijk en handig, maar bij mij crasht hij (té) geregeld, wat wel een minpunt is.

By Calorieteller - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 10:05:46 AM

Heel handig dat je ook zelf producten toe kunt voegen, echt een goed programmaatje!

 G. Day
By G123456a - Mac App Store - Version 2.0 - 3/19/2013 10:06:48 AM

Good for listing daily intake, but is really for the US market. Vey few UK brands are listed. I have had to add alot of items however, they easy to add.

By - Version 2.0 - 1/27/2014 9:09:23 AM

Once your personal food is entered into the database, it cannot be edited or deleted. Why can't this program have a simple editing tool?

 not very good
By tvede82 - Version 2.0 - 8/25/2015 12:57:21 PM

Missing that everything can be meassured in grams, all countrys use gram as a measurementMissing the Danish language you said would be there before purchase! Norway, Sweden and Denmark is not the same country and we have different languages.Also missing lots of food from denmark.I am not using this app in the future, too dissapointed.

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